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Website Designing

We make designs of websites with a view to design the optimum growth of your Business / Activities. Attractive and useful Layouts, responsiveness to all types of devices, clean and consistent navigation, good and relevant relationship between the various parts of the website layout etc. are our some of the points of our strength.

Website Development

We use a more dynamic approach incorporating programming languages such as PHP to develop various website pages offering you a tailor made CMS most suitable for your business / office requirement.

Web Application Development

We use best skills and our ability for making the web application to solve your problems in day to day management giving you full comfort and ease to satisfy your desired tasks in the path of overall development of your organization.

Logo Designing Services

We first get the ideas or expectations on the design, color, graphical view or textual etc of logo from the client. On those lines the RG-VP Web Solutions will prepare two to three logo samples out of which any one sample can be selected and some modifications to the sample can be made.

SEO, SMO, SMM Services

Seo, Smm and Smo are the modern day technique of promoting your business all around the globe. All the three techniques comes under digital marketiSMO ans SEO both are an important technique of Digital Marketing. Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is a technique of increasing brand awareness using number of Social Media outlets to generate publicity. ng and each of them play a major part in promoting your business in a different way.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses both Paid and Non paid marketing. Pay-per-Click advertising is one of the paid options in Digital Marketing. We provide both the options by engaging our employees to work for branding and marketing of your products and services.

Web API Development

An application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. We provide APIs for Android, IOS, Hybrid Web Development, Hardware devices etc.

Android App Development

We provide Android Applications for your web applications. It has now become necessary to build android applications for the promotion of any business.

iOS Apps Development

We also provide IOS Applications for your web applications. Considering the growing trend of Apple and IOS, it has also equally become necessary to build IOS applications in order to reach the masses.

For Nagpur and nearby Areas

Please submit the inquiry form and give your time and address for personal visit for properly understanding your exact requirement and discussing the necessary aspects.

Please submit the inquiry form and give your requirement in brief. We will communicate with you email. We are having systematic arrangements for mutual communications in knowing the requirement, viewing of our work, testing and finally uploading the products to your servers or hosting your products on our servers.

In Case of Overseas Business apart from the direct clients, we invite local service providers to associate with us on mutual terms and get the requirements of their clients fulfilled by us on regular basis. Please submit the inquiry form and give your requirement in brief. We will communicate with you quickly. We are having systematic arrangements for mutual communications in knowing the requirement, viewing of our work, testing and finally uploading the products to your servers or hosting your products on our servers..

Friendly Terms

  • Domain registration will be free for one year, and will be renewed along with the web hosting plan with no extra costs.
  • Web hosting plan will be free for one year and will be charged from next year.
  • For logo design RG-VP Web Solutions will provide two to three logo samples. The cost of logo design is extra and separately payable. Presently the RGVP Web Solutions charge Rs. 2000/- (US $ 50 for overseas clients) for Logo Design. The clients can provide their own logo image if already available.
  • For New Websites and Applications, the clients will be given option to select the template/structure of the proposed website from the suggested designs. The clients can select such design or can select the design from any website of their choice and inform their selected design. Once the design and structure is selected and the work is started on the selected design, that design will be final and cannot be changed subsequently. If for any reason the design is required to be changed, it will be charged extra (Minimum Rs. 3000/- or US $ 75).
  • At the time of renewal, in case the client wants to change the design completely it will be charged separately depending on the design or template.

Friendly Terms Continued...

  • Content edits:- In Case of Static websites RG-VP Web Solutions will provide the content edits as per the Plan terms. Normally 1 content edit every 2 months free of charge, more edits will be charged nominally.
    In case of dynamic websites, RG-VP provides CMS giving the client free hand to change or edit certain variable content on their website as per their requirement. The clients are expected not to share or disclose the credentials of Login to anybody. RG-VP will not be responsible if they share the credentials with authorized persons or accidental deleting the sensitive contents.
  • A link to RG-VP Web Solutions will reside on client's web pages (within the footer area), as long as the hosting remains with RG-VP Web Solutions.
  • Annual Renewal + Annual Maintenance charges will be as per the terms of Plan or the charges as quoted and agreed upon.
  • Payments for New Websites and New Applications will have to be made in NOT more than 2 installments - 50% along with order and remaining 50 % on approval of design by client and before final launching.
  • In case of Overseas clients for the first deal, 100% payments will have to be made in Advance. In case of subsequent deals the payments terms will be as per mutual agreement.
  • All Payments made to RG-VP Web Solutions will be NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Domain name will be registered ONLY after confirmed order along with advance payment and normally from GODADDY.
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